Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Out of the Loop"

Well I've been out of the loop for a moment, but I'm back and ready to put my all into blogging. Over the last several months I've worked with many different artist helping to create websites, blogs, photos and a variety of marketing ideas and tools. This has confirmed what I've always known, which is I love marketing, talking and writing. Of course, I love working as a makeup artist too, but with this economy, work is slow. Not that I haven't always lived on the edge, which is par for the course considering my craft is very competitive. However, like many others, I'm left to figure out ways to create interesting and fun opportunities for my self. Perhaps, with my expertise, love for the English language, popular culture, people, places and the arts, I can keep you interested enough to follow me and let me entertain you. So Please click the FOLLOW button and let's see where we can go...

Thanks for the support!!

P.S. If you like Jazzy Soul music. Then please check out the link below and watch Rebecca Ferguson's performances. I'm sure you will dig her as much I do...