Thursday, December 10, 2009


When I started blogging my first follower was Gena from Glam-Me-Up. I was so excited she liked my blog and became a follower, I started blogging away. However, life was full of twist and turns and I didn't have time to dedicate to blogging. Now I have the time so I'm going to be blogging full time. Seeking inspiration, I checked out Glam-Me-Up to see what Gena was up to. To my surprise, her blog has grown so much with a couple hundred followers and counting. I was so inspired by her ambitions, I immediately, sat at my computer and began typing away. I'm having so much fun it's becoming addictive. Seeking advice, I posted a comment on Gena's blog and she immediately wrote back. I was so happy when she responded ASAP. She's so sweet and helpful, which of course is the reason why she has loyal followers. If you want the advice from a young woman who's fashion forward, honest in her opinion and approach, then check out Gena's blog, which is listed on the sidebar. She likes to run contest, give sound advice and of course, show her tricks for the everyday girl. Recently she posted a fantastic tip about a lil' kitchen item, which she uses for her brushes. It's so cool, functional and a great idea to keep your tools organized and ready to go. Little tips like this are priceless. For more on this little gem, great tips and ideas do check out her blog..


On a side note: Inspiration can come from many places. For me, it's beautiful to be inspired by a talented young artist and beauty expert like Gena.

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  1. That just made my day :) I'm tweeting about it! And including it in my next post!