Hello World and welcome to my blog about my life and times as a professional makeup artist.  I currently work as a free-lance artist and I reside in Hollywood, California. After many, many years of working in the field, I consider myself a veteran of my craft. Therefore,  I feel the need to share my experiences and knowledge. I'll use this platform to blog about a variety of interest I have ranging from beauty, fashion, music, art, film, literature and popular culture. My goal as a blogger is to provide information, which is fresh, new, exciting, informative and first and foremost, a good use of your precious time. So please click the FOLLOW button and join in on the fun as I share my expertise. Starting with my first tip:  Remember, as cliche as it sounds,  your true beauty lies within. Makeup is just an art form to enhance your beauty. Of course, there are many tricks to the trade, which I will reveal as time goes by. However, at the end of the day, there are there no wrongs or rights. Why? Because you can simply just wash it off. So cut loose, be creative and have fun!

Peace, Love and Happiness,