Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Queen Gets Her Hair Worked"

I must say Madonna looks rather young and refreshed. Whatever her secret is, I'm sure many fifty year old woman would love to have it. Of course, one can say she has all the money in the World and the best surgeons at her beckon call. However, like most woman with means, I'm sure she has had some slight improvements. Nothing obviously drastic. However, I am a fan. Therefore, I use my words kindly! I still remember when Madonna hit the scene some 27 years ago and the media and press labeled her a tart, which would disappear as quick as she arrived. I guess when Dick Clark asked her what was her next goal and she said "to rule the Word", many thought she was just a wee bit arrogant too. Well she proved and continues to prove the arrogance she displayed was sheer talent. It appears she had no plans on going away then, and she's not going away now. Madonna is a marketing genius with no end in sight. As she once said, "as long as I have the energy to do what I love, I will continue to do so." All I can say, is keep rockin 'em girl. Looks like 52 is already looking better than 51........


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