Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Larchmont Beauty"

Larchmont Beauty Center is one of the coolest beauty supply stores in LA. It's tucked away in this fantastic little shopping area referred to as Larchmont Village. Of course, they have all your standard favorites. However, because they cater to makeup pros who work in the industry, they have all sorts of goodies your normal beauty supplier would never carry. If you live in LA and you love makeup, you have to check this store out. If you don't live in LA or the US and you plan to visit, check out this wonderful little gem. I promise you will not be disappointed. Also, Larchmont Village is a wonderful place to grab a bite (delightful restaurants), shop at all sorts of cool boutiques or grab a cup of coffee and check out one of the best newsstand in LA where you can catch up on all your celebrity gossip. Oh yeah, if you're in to star gazing, you may just catch a star or two going about life as usual. For all I know, the woman in the photo could be famous.
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